How Video Apps Are Changing

Social Media Landscape

With the social media literally taking over everything else in the world, most people now look for innovative ways to express themselves over the various social media platforms. Thus there are multiple images, posts and videos that people post every day to keep in touch with the world. A growing trend is to make your life look more and more interesting on social media and to do that people take a lot of efforts and download different applications that give them innovative ways to express themselves.

New Generation Video App - Chromavid

One of the most innovative ways of expressing oneself of social media is through videos. People make creative videos and upload them on their social media accounts. There are many good apps to create innovative videos. One such popular app that is trending nowadays is Chromavid. It’s a chrome key app that allows people to create videos and is available on iOS App store.

What Makes it Chromavid

This app makes shooting and sharing videos much easier than ever before and the users can choose from a wide selection of images and colors through the app to capture, edit and distribute the footage that you wish to share. So the app acts like a squeezed-down smartphone version of powerful, desktop, video-editing software and is an extremely useful and inventive new tool for the millennial generation of Instagram social sharers. It is a specialist video-making app that is useful for special effects, stop-motion, and even virtual reality film-making and is a novelty app that can also help with very innovative and useful filters.

The application also lets the users use special effects and post production techniques to replace colors by other colors or images. The latest version (2.8) also allows users to use their phone screenshots and images for the videos and they can also use multiple enhancements to make sure they get the kind of effect that they wish in their videos. The app requires iOS 8.0 or higher to get installed.

A Must have App in 2017

Thus Chromavid is one among some of the best apps to try in 2017, whatever be the user’s level of expertise. The application also allows the users to create their own movie like videos with background images and videos and they can also choose from various background screen colors. It is also a great tool that lets the users save all the videos on the phone and also helps them to

Instantly shoot and share a video on social media.